“…it becomes a family, and you push each other…you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have met and it changed my life”

– Jessie Reyez, Recording (11.0)

“No amount of schooling ever did what @remix did for me. The single most influential 9 months of my life were spent within these walls and with the incredible individuals I now call family…..Jayli and I were homeless when we moved to Toronto. We had no community. The Remix Project opened their arms to us and gave us the love and support we needed to prosper. Always grateful <3.”

– Hayden Wxlf, Recording (11.0)

“I learned more from Remix than any University program that I dropped out of…. All the energy in the original Remix building served as blueprints, inspiration and motivation for me to build my own vision and projects with Remix staff (past & present) and alumni I still work with to this day, my family…”

– Addy Papa, Business (2.0) 

“…I was accepted into Remix, they took a chance on me, they taught me how to expand my photography, taught me how to take images. If it wasn’t for TRP I don’t know where I would be today. I have many great relationships and people I consider family, from that program.  They connected me with amazing opportunities and never gave up on me especially when I needed the support.” 

– Maryam Toson, Photography (5.0)

“I am grateful to have been a part of the creative incubator The Remix Project for the last 9 months. To be able to work on my dreams while being surrounded by people like myself has given me even more inspiration to pursue my passion. I am forever thankful for everything I learned and the history I have been blessed to be a part of. The real work begins now and I’m excited for my peers and I to show what Toronto will deliver to the world.”

– Salman Mohamed, Fashion Business (14.0)

“The support that the mentors and the other participants in the program have showed me has been amazing, and it has helped me start my creative network, something I didn’t have before I came to Remix. This was an amazing program. Prior to attending Remix I wasn’t sure if installation art was the path for me, as I did not see the opportunities that were available in the field. After going through Remix and taking on my first commissioned work while in the program, I see that there is demand for the work that I do and I know that if I refine my craft it can turn into a sustainable career.”

– Whyishnave Suthagar, Visual Arts/Design (14.0)

“The Remix Project brought me support, encouragement, tools, new friends, resources, and the confidence to continue my entrepreneurial path.”

– Winnie Holder, Public Relations (14.0)