The Remix Project cultivates young people’s creative energy by encouraging them to understand their abilities as real and their perspectives of tremendous value. We accomplish this by following a few core principles.


We give young people the space and equipment needed to experiment without judgment or bias in-order to explore the depth and breadth of their creative gift.

Through safe, controlled environments with industry standard equipment and software, we seek to minimize external distractions and allow students to refocus and work uninterrupted in a community of like-minded individuals.

We surround our participants with knowledgeable & supportive staff + industry based mentors

We introduce young women and men to new networks of creative peers.

Relationships are forged and collaboration flourishes as passion and gratitude resonate from within.

By doing these things our young people come to better their skillsets, learn their own truths, get introduced to exciting new networks and become empowered to begin shaping their reality with intention.

The Remix Project is a registered charity in accordance to the CRA, Charity Number: 822471421RR0001.

In the US, The Remix Project is a registered 501(c)(3) Number: 46-0957354.

Once accepted into our competitive 9-month intensive program, all participant program costs are sub-sized in full by generous partners from government, private sector, foundations and philanthropic donations.


Focused on trying to find the best and brightest talents our cities have to offer – The Remix Project builds strong partnerships with community members and organizations in order to best serve our young people. Employing youth as outreach workers, our teams work to raise awareness of existing services (both our own and others) and target individuals and communities with the greatest need.

The Remix Project is available to come to your school or community centre. Hit us up for more information!


Each fall we open enrollment to the next group of leaders and innovators at The Remix Project. Following an application and comprehensive interview process in Q1 (January-March), candidates are chosen based on artistic talent, commitment, and other socioeconomic indicators.


Once an applicant has been vetted through our selection process, admittance begins with an introduction to facilities, faculty, curriculum and fellow classmates. Expectations from both participants and facilitators are restated and community-building initiatives proceed.

Thesis Project

By the conclusion of each program, participants construct a final body of work or “thesis project”. Portfolios, recording demos, and live events that showcase each individual’s artistic expression, refined as it now exists. These final demonstrations exponentially increase their potential to secure employment within respective industries and begin working in a professional capacity.

Curriculum Building

The Remix Project’s programming sustains a unique focus and commitment to education and arts curriculum that strives to be both holistic and therapeutic. Taking into account relevant mental and social factors, The Remix Project provides industry specific mentorships to complement the individualized learning plans we follow. Building unique work back schedules for each participant’s goals, our curriculum is largely dictated by the young person themselves. We then supplement these individual learning plans with bi-weekly mandatory classes, and Dean meetings as well as special workshops.

Mandatory Workshops

Civic leadership is best exercised by crossing boundaries between private, public, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate and solve shared problems. In that spirit, we combine diverse perspectives and backgrounds to facilitate innovation across complex situations (like the music business and other creative industries).

Our mandatory workshops are designed to optimize expertise and experience in real world scenarios and provide young people with honest windows into the histories, thinking and wisdom of industry experts and veterans.