Exit Strategies

The Remix Project promotes conditions that break down the various barriers which too often serve as impediments for disenfranchised youth. We want our young people to access purpose and move with intention for their lives.

More concretely, we do this by focusing in 3 areas as relates to exit strategies:

  1. Education. Whether by supporting someone to earn their high school diploma or to access post-secondary education, The Remix Project can often serve as a bridging program to more formal education system based success.
  2. Employment. For applicable young people, The Remix Project seeks to find opportunities for our alumni to continue growing in their field of passion either via an internship at a culturally relevant business or organization or by finding that young person a solid mentor in their field.
  3. Entrepreneurship. For many young people, stepping out into the world as an entrepreneur or as a freelance professional is the ultimate goal. If that’s the case for individual alumni, The Remix Project works hard to support our graduates officially launch their product or service into the marketplace.